Sunday, May 14, 2017

What Exactly is Christian Fiction?

My book, coming out May 15, 2017 is being published by Written World Communications, a Christian publisher. This has lead to a number of people asking me if ALL THINGS NOW LIVING is a Christian book.To be honest, I don't have a simple yes or no answer. What is considered Christian varies from person to person, but I'd say in recent years two types of Christian literature have emerged:

Overtly Christian

In these books, the main character is usually a Christian. If not, they will undoubtedly become one before the story is finished. Bible verses are liberally sprinkled throughout the text, and prayer is an essential element. Often there is what I like to call a "Come to Jesus" moment. 

Written from a Christian World View

These books may have no mention of God or Jesus at all. Words like "clean", "sweet", and "cozy" are often used as descriptors. They typically offer a positive message while avoiding graphic depictions of ideas, concepts, or behaviors Christians may find offensive.

So, which is ALL THINGS NOW LIVING? I would have to say it falls into the second category, as there is no mention of Jesus, no conversion, no bible verses, and limited prayer, but ALL THINGS NOW LIVING is a spiritual coming-of-age story. This make it heavier on religious content than many of the "Written from a Christian World View" books I've read.

What do you consider a Christian book?  Do you regularly read Christian literature, or is it something you avoid? How do you feel about "Christian" books that lack overtly Christian content?

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