Monday, January 09, 2017

That Time of Year - Picking Writer's Conferences

Time to plan the year!
Every January I look over my calendar to decide which writer's conferences to attend. I wish I could go to a lot more than I do, but, like most of us, I don't have unlimited funds or time.

The first conference that gets circled on my calendar is my local writer's group annual conference. Not only is it the least expensive, it is close by and only lasts one day. While it's focus is on self-published authors, I have learned more about marketing from this group than any other. Definitely worth it!

The next conference I chose is regional.  Not as expensive as national conferences, these conferences still often attract top speakers, editors, and agents. Because they are smaller than national conferences, there is often a better chance to meet the speakers as well as to get to know other authors.

National conferences are the most expensive, not only in fees but travel and accommodation costs. I don't go to a national conference every year. Although they are a lot of fun, they really don't offer more opportunities than the regional conferences, and sometimes less. This is why, many years, I will attend two regional conferences instead of  going to a national conference.

Not only has attending writer's conferences improved my writing, I would say having the chance to interact with other writers and learn from the best authors, editors, and agents has kept me writing.

Will you be attending a writer's conference this year? Which ones would you recommend?

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