Sunday, June 21, 2015

If I Can Do It, So Can You

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I have blogged quite a bit about my writing journey. While I have had a few short stories published in magazines over the years, most of my experience has been about rejection, writing and rewriting, and still facing rejection.

But today I have some good news. I have a book deal!

No, it's not with a big New York publisher. No, it wasn't for a lot of money. But the folks at Written World Communications believe in me and my work and have optioned my entire SEVENTH DAUGHTER series. I'm expecting the first book, ALL THINGS NOW LIVING, to be out this next year.

I will post more about my publisher and my experience later, but today I just wanted to share my good news and more importantly, share a little bit of hope.

If traditional publication is your goal, it is possible. Keep writing. Keep improving your craft. Your path to publishing probably won't be a short, easy road, but you can get to where you want to be.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Patience is a virtue and re-warder of hard work!
All your efforts are just starting to snowball and you will gain more
momentum as it rolls on...
Nancy from FL