Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Delays and Starting Over

Time - There's always too much of it when you're waiting, but never enough when you're trying to get something done.
I got a contract for my first book, ALL THINGS NOW LIVING, last June, and immediately dove into the sequel. Writing with purpose was exciting. Within a few months, I had that all-important first draft completed, and was ready to revise.

Maybe not.

After a careful review of the manuscript, I decided things weren't working. The story was too busy, the main plot points didn't hit where they were supposed too, and the stakes were either too similar to the first book's (How many times can one realistically save the world?) or not high enough.

So I started over. Chapter One, Page One.

A few months later, my second attempt finished, I decided the manuscript still had major problems. Closer, but one of my greatest fears is putting out a dreadful second book.

Now, after two complete first drafts, I have started "first" draft number three. I think this is the one, but regardless, I didn't meet my deadline. My goal was to have book two ready for the editor by the end of 2015. That isn't going to happen.

Which brings me to news about the release of my first book, ALL THINGS NOW LIVING. I had been aiming for a December 2015 release, but with a small publisher and an editor with a very busy life, things didn't happen the way I'd hoped. I don't have a firm release date from my publisher at this point, but the goal is to put out the best book series possible, even if it takes a little longer.

Okay, we're still a few days away from New Years, and I don't do resolutions, but my goals are to get ALL THINGS NOW LIVING published and finish at least books two and three in the series.

Have you had any writing disappointments this year? How did you handle them? Are you going to keep trying in 2016?


John Pruden said...

Yeah, writing. In my experience, writing goals or finish-lines will never be "finished. As with all art forms, "end-product" happens all-to prematurely due to deadlines. When it goes to the foundry, printer, publisher - "It's done!!", but never is. Once it's manifest and out there, each tiny, obscure intention rears its ugly head to its source....you, the artist. That's the name of the game. The ticket is to become somewhat selfish. The reader comes first - if the goods are delivered to the publisher on time, at whatever expected level, then so be it, otherwise trust your instincts, take your eyes off the dead-liners, glue them to the keyboard. Invariably, deadlines are set by systems mysteriously exempt from the
creative process. Think, in the end its your name on the title page.

Rondi Olson said...

Yes, at some point I am going to have to be done whether I like it or not! Scary thought, and the primary reason I try not to read something once it's out there. The damage is done, time to move on.

Kristin Lenz said...

Oh that's hard! Good for you for making the time to write the sequel while in the midst of publishing the first book. I hope it all comes together soon, and maybe this means book 1 and 2 will be released closer together - readers will appreciate not having to wait a long time between books! Good luck, Rondi.

Rondi Olson said...

Thanks, Kristin!