Monday, June 05, 2017

Tackling That To-Be-Read Pile

Three weeks ago, my debut novel, ALL THINGS NOW LIVING, released. It's been an exciting time, and I've been satisfied with the attention and sales my book has been receiving. One thing that hasn't been easy, however, is getting reviews, and because they are so vital to sales, it is a must-do.

Which leads to me my to-read pile. I have dozens of books piled around my house and loaded on my Kindle that I want to read, but haven't gotten around to yet. As a recently published author I am looking at those piles with fresh eyes. Somewhere out there a new author is anxiously waiting for me to finish her book so I'll post a review. Or she used to wait. I'm sure by this time she's given up. Some of the books I bought new are now completed series, and though I own all the books that followed the first, I've yet to dive into any of them.

I decided last week to be kind to myself and other authors. I love reading, and authors love reviews. Win-win, right? So I made a plan to read more:

1. Read more than one book at a time. I know, a lot of other people do this all the time, but it has always driven me crazy. I wouldn't watch 45 minutes of a movie then stop, watch something else, and finish the movie later. But if I was going to read more, I was going to have to read more than one book at once. For me this meant one audio book, one digital book, and one paper book going at the same time. So far, it's actually worked out really well.

2. Read what you can, when you can. I typically don't read books, I devour them. I've never been a one-chapter-a-night person. It's all or nothing, but I've decided on no more nothing. This is still quite frustrating. I don't enjoy pesky interruptions like having to go to work, but I have read more.

3. Read with my husband. My husband isn't a big reader, so usually for relaxation we watch a movie in the evening. It's our social time together, and I enjoy watching movies, but every night is a little much. It's valuable time I could spend reading!I've talked my husband into giving a few books a try, and while our social time is quieter on those nights, it's been really fun.

How big is your to-read pile? How do you get around to reading

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