Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Review - GOD'S DAUGHTER by Heather Day Gilbert

I enjoyed the history in GOD'S DAUGHTER. Clearly the author did a lot of research about the main character as well as the time period, and learning about Gudrid and the Vikings of that era was fascinating.

I did get frustrated with Gudrid a few times, but writing about historical people and events can be a challenge. People didn't always behave the way we wish they had. Still, the author did a good job of pulling the story together.

There is some violence, but it is true to the culture and not graphic. There are also some adult themes, so this book may not be suitable for younger teens, but for older teens and adults it is an engaging read.

Highly recommended if you enjoy historical fiction, especially if you are looking for something different than the usual Regency or prairie fare.

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