Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Review - COLOR SONG by Victoria Strauss

One thing I really liked about PASSION BLUE, the first book by this author featuring COLOR SONG's main character, Giulia, was the rare and brave choice to have Giulia choose her passion of art over the boy. This sequel does a little bit to undo that, but is still very much about a girl trying to live to her full potential in a repressive society.

PASSION BLUE was all about the convents and how some women found a degree of independence there in the middle ages. COLOR SONG introduces the courtesan, the only other class of women who were able to assert themselves in business and politics. Don't worry, this book is clean YA, but what a choice, right? Be property as a daughter than wife, or choose saint or sinner.

Again, as with PASSION BLUE, fantastic attention to historical detail, wonderful characterization, plotting, pacing, etc. A must read for anyone interested in art history or wanting to read YA historical fiction that isn't all about a boy.

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