Friday, June 20, 2014

Favorite Things - ZenWriter

I have a problem with being easily distracted when I'm writing, especially first drafts. Sure, the internet is always a temptation, but so is editing. Writing in my usual word processor doesn't help. Misspelled words are highlighted, as are grammatically questionable sentences, and although I could turn those features off I want them on for later drafts. I'd rather not hassle with going back and forth. More than once I've found myself losing my flow because I stopped to correct spelling.

Enter ZenWriter. There are beautiful backgrounds, soothing music, and no notification of errors. I had been working on one first draft for years. Yes, years. I switched to ZenWriter and in weeks I had my first draft finished. I'm not going to say my speed was entirely due to ZenWriter, but it helped. I now have a draft that is very poorly written, but clean in regards to plot, character motivation, etc. For me that's the difficult part. Now I can have fun writing the fancy sentences.

My first version of ZenWriter was free. There is still a trial version, but they are now charging $9.95 for the full version. I had such success with ZenWriter I went ahead and paid for the full version.

How do you stay focused when you're writing?

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