Sunday, May 18, 2014

Four Things I Would Tell Beginning Writer Me

Yesterday, I mentioned I took two years to complete my first manuscript. Looking back, I think the biggest mistake I made was working without input from other writers. That first manuscript was essentially a throw-away. I wouldn't say I wasted two years, I was able to salvage some ideas and phrases, but it was close.

If I had access to Dr. Who's TARDIS, I would tell beginning writer me to:

1. Research the business of writing to learn what agents, editors, and readers want.

2. Join a writer's organization. SCBWI is the place to be for children's writers, nationally and regionally.

3. Save my pennies to attend a writer's conference and get a professional critique. National conferences are extremely pricey, but often there are local conferences that are more affordable, and smaller, so they are less overwhelming.

4. Join a critique group of writers with similar goals.

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